In English, the children have completed their rainforest creature fact files.  Their work is beautifully presented and demonstrate excellent factual knowledge.  They have also enjoyed reading ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’, another rainforest-based story written and illustrated by Lynne Cherry, and co-authored by ethnobotanist Mark J. Plotkin.  The children learnt all about the research that Mark Plotkin has done with the Tirio indians who lived in a village called Kwamala, in the Amazon rainforest, in Suriname. It was his work with the Tirio shaman (medicine man) about the plants that he used for healing, that inspired this story, and we cannot wait to learn more about these people living in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We will also be finding out about the medicinal properties that rainforest plants have.

In maths, we have turned our attention to telling the time.  Moving beyond telling the time to the hour and half past the hour, the children had a very good go at extending this to include quarter past and quarter to the hour. We are currently working on telling the time in intervals of 5 minutes, both past and to the hour.  Our fraction knowledge and flair with 5 times tables facts are supporting us hugely with this topic.  Please do keep on supporting your child with learning their times tables facts.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend.