Taking part in the “Edible Forest” tour, the children learnt that rainforests produce up to 80% of the world’s diet! They were able to engage as many senses as possible – through touching, smelling and seeing the wondrous fruits of the rainforest. Do ask your child to share some facts that they learnt with you.  We’ll share some photos in next week’s Bulletin!

The VR Space workshop was a huge hit with the Year 2 scientists, and their knowledge of space and the planets was most impressive indeed.

On Wednesday, Year 2 spent the morning at the Prep site and they had a fabulous time there. The morning was filled with lots of fun activities including a taster of CCA M:Tech.

The children have been exploring tally charts, tables and block diagrams in our new maths topic based on statistics.  They combined this knowledge with their English learning, with the help of our latest rainforest book “One Day on our Blue Planet – in the Rainforest” by Ella Bailey.  The children set about sorting all the wonderfully illustrated creatures featured in this book into their animal groups (using tallies and tables) and then created a block diagram to represent the data.