It highlights to the children the relationship between humans and wildlife and the dangers animals face in their own natural habitats. Based on true events, the children adored learning about Buddy the orangutan and how he was rescued by a rescue centre once he had lost his home in the rainforest.  Their written task was to add dialogue to the story, learning how to formulate and punctuate direct speech accurately, and also expressing Buddy’s emotions along the way.

Year 2 have also kicked off the much-anticipated rainforest diorama project. The children are putting their hearts and souls into their mini rainforest creations.  Thank you for sending such wonderful resources into school!  This project will continue next week…

In mathematics, the children have been learning about position and direction.  They were excited to link the rich language required to access this topic to the algorithm work that they have completed in previous computing topics.

In science, we have planted broad beans in a jar to appreciate the germination process. The children had a good think about what might happen to seeds when they grow and were able to turn their ideas into questions.  They are observing the seeds each morning, checking the conditions are correct, and reinforcing the scientific skill of ‘observing over time’.

Have a lovely weekend!