They looked at intervals on a number line that were multiples of 10 and then considered the numbers that lie between multiples of 10 as they look at 10s and 1s on a number line. We have been so impressed with the children’s ability to check the start and end points of the number lines and the different number of intervals when estimating values – to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes!

In English, we have completed the much-loved story of “Too Much Talk” and the children were able to retell the ending of the story in their own words.  A focus was placed on adding inverted commas to speech as well as finding alternative words for ‘said’.  What a lot of wonderful story-tellers we have in our midst.  We can’t wait to get started on our new poetry unit next week.

In our humanities work the children’s focus was to be able to explain where hot and cold countries are located in the world.  They are now starting to be able to name climate zones around the world using key words (temperate, cold, warm, tropical).  This will support the children when learning about African animals and how hot and cold countries affects animals in their habitats.