We have turned our attention to Poetry in our English lessons, and the focus is nonsense poems – namely “The Jumblies” by Edward Lear.  What a wonderful time we have had experiencing the adventures of these creatures whose “… heads are green and their hands are blue and they went to sea in a sieve”!  We have learned all about rhyme, pattern, and rhyme schemes, carefully discovering the beautiful patterns Edward Lear weaves into his verse.  We also put our dramatic skills to good use by imagining ourselves as one of the Jumblies and questioning the nonsense element of this brilliant poem in hot-seating activities. The children are extremely excited to create their own stanza based on The Jumblies, designing a vessel for them to sail in at the same time.

The children have also enjoyed reading about the lives of children in different African countries, taken from “Africa in not a Country” (by Margy Burns Knight and Mark Melnicove).  This book celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent as experienced at home, at school, at work and at play. Mrs Leissle also shared images and stories with the children about the time she spent teaching in a school in Rwanda. We look forward to exploring more about this beautiful country in the coming weeks when we compare it with our own locality.

The highlight of our week was taking part in the Thrilling Theatricals Drama afternoon at the Prep! Miss Bee enthused everyone in a range of drama warm-ups and games, with a group of Year 6 Prep boys leading some exciting team games and improvisation pieces.

What a dramatic week it has been!  Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.