In science we had a lot of fun “tinkering” with magnets to investigate materials and their properties, investigating which materials are magnetic.

In English, the children have loved writing their very own stanza based on Edward Lear’s poem, “The Jumblies”.  These funny creatures went to sea in a sieve, so the children set to work, choosing equally nonsense vessels for their own Jumblies to sail in; choices ranged from a bottle, a hat and even an Eiffel Tower – in fact, the stranger the better! The children are almost word perfect, reciting the poem, and aim to have it learnt off by heart by the end of next week.

We have started to get ready for our class assembly, which takes place next Friday.  We shall be talking about the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize – an incredibly moving story and influential person.  More information to follow next week!

Have a wonderful weekend.