In maths we have been continuing our focus on addition and subtraction, learning strategies how to add when crossing the ten.  We were all so impressed when the children were nimbly able to combine their number bond to ten knowledge and partitioning skills to complete their calculations.  This will stand them in good stead when the numbers and calculations start to get more sophisticated….

In science we learnt about air resistance and are all prepared to carry out our parachute investigation next week.

The highlight of the week was leading the Year 2 assembly all about the influencer Wangari Maathai.  The children retold her true story, “Mama Miti”, written by Donna Jo Napoli and brought to life by the incredible collage illustrations of Kadir Nelson.  It retells the remarkable events of how Wangari Maathai started a tree planting campaign which led to her being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for improvements to the environment.  She started the Green Belt Movement to combat the deforestation of Kenya.  Wangari also planted ideas into communities, giving them a reason why they should stand for their rights and protect the environment.  The Pre-Prep were also treated to the animation film of “The Little Hummingbird”, Wangari’s favourite tale of perseverance by which she stands.  “I am doing the best I can” is the motto that the children took away with them.  What a wonderfully influential woman she was in the fight to save the planet.