The children completed their science topic – movement and forces – by testing which size parachute would fall the slowest / quickest.  They discovered that the larger the parachute, the longer it took to fall.  This was because there is more air resistance.  We decided as a class that the design of one of the parachutes was not efficient (the parachute did not open sufficiently, the strings were too short).  We therefore had to exclude this from our results.  But it was a good lesson in scientific fair testing and the general conclusion was that the size of the parachute had the greatest effect on the speed of its descent.

Finally, as we get ready for our well-earned Autumn break, we revealed our plans for the 2023 Christmas production, where Year 2 take a leading role.  Scripts have been sent home so that we can familiarise ourselves with the story and maybe start to learn some lines.  But fear not, there’s plenty of time!  Enjoy some quality rest and recuperation and we look forward to seeing you back, fresh and raring to go in two weeks’ time.