The moon and star, for example, is a symbol of faithfulness, fondness, harmony, benevolence, love, loyalty, and femininity.

They learnt how to print their own cloth using a selection of symbols in a choice of painted colours, creating a repeat pattern.  We now aim to combine all the cloths to create our very own “parchment of unity”.

After the art activity, the children were treated to a storytelling session led by Kwame, our African educator, himself from Ghana, home of the Ashanti people. He shared the long-established art of oral storytelling, retold through generations.  He magically brought to life the story of Anansi the Spider (a folk-hero to the Ashanti) in his own words and accompanied by his drum.  What an exciting experience that was!

Drumming was next; each child was lucky enough to have their own drum, learning how to follow the rhythm and create one exciting and engaging piece of West African music. There were also opportunities for children to try out other traditional instruments.  This culminated in the children being taught some high energy but easy to follow moves to create a traditional African dance!

Back to the classroom and reality!  In mathematics this week, we have continued working on addition and subtraction, working up to adding two 2-digit numbers, choosing from a wide range of strategies and resources to support our work.

In English the children have continued studying the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain.  We learned about the art of diary writing, the specific features that it includes, and pronouns so that we could write our own diary entry as if we were Lila, sharing her thoughts and feelings of the events of the story.  The children have started to write some super entries.

In RE, we are now learning about religious celebrations.  This week our focus was the Hindu “festival of colours” – Holi.  In our Life Skills session the children looked at differences between boys and girls.

We rounded off the week by being treated to a visit by Tobi’s mummy who shared some fascinating facts, traditions and flavours of Nigeria.  How lucky Year 2 have been this week!  The “Amazing Africa” topic is alive and kicking, with so many hands-on activities to enrich our learning.  A huge thank you to Tobi’s family – we will treasure the beautiful instruments that were donated to the Year 2 “Amazing Africa” topic box!

Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend, Year 2!