In this story Anansi discovers a magic rock and learns that saying the words ‘Isn’t this a strange, moss-covered rock!’ will instantly send the speaker to sleep. He uses his discovery to trick the other animals…but one is ready to trick Anansi back…  The children loved reading and singing all about this tale, and are planning to be able to write their own ending to the story.

In Maths we have been exploring in more detail the properties of 2D shapes.  The children have enjoyed carefully drawing 2-D shapes on squared paper – quite a skill! – as well as learning how to find lines of symmetry on 2-D shapes.

STEM subjects played a leading role on Tuesday and the children had an exhilarating time getting involved in all the special activities. In science the focus has been on identifying which materials are appropriate for certain objects and which are not.  We used Michael Rosen’s poem “Woolly Saucepan” to highlight this learning point!

The children loved writing their own version of this poem!

The children also enjoyed taking part in an exciting experiment, observing the chemical reaction between milk and soap by watching the dancing, swirling patterns of drops of food colouring.

Needless to say that the Brickies workshop was an absolute hit with the children as well.  They designed and created some incredible eco-homes which formed part of their awesome city.

The rehearsals for the Christmas Production are going extremely well and we are looking forward to performing to you all next week!

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.