Meanwhile, in mathematics, the children have continued to study shape, with greater emphasis on exploring the properties of 3D shape (faces, edges and vertices).

We continued to explore the wonderful world of African folk tales in English this week.  The children read Gerald McDermott’s version of “Anansi the Spider”, and then watched his original animation of the book which uses the graphic symbols of the Ashanti.  This led us to look at the idea of ‘pourquoi’ stories, explaining how the moon came to be in the sky.  We were so inspired by the Ashanti graphics that the children created their own illustrations for the story.

In Science, we completed our learning about materials by investigating which fabric would be the most suitable choice for a toddler’s pair of dungarees.  We were amazed at how resilient both denim and corduroy are under test conditions.  The children observed how many rubs it took to damage a variety of fabrics on a rock, and we can safely say that silk would definitely not be a suitable choice of fabric!

We are looking forward to the Christmas Merrie next week which should get us completely into the Christmas spirit…  Have a wonderful weekend.