In mathematics, the learning this week has been based on multiplication and division facts of the 5 and 10-times tables. The children are now mastering these number facts, and are able to see the connection between the two.  They have loved spotting patterns and thinking about any generalisations that can be made. The children identified, for example, that 4 × 10 = 8 × 5; they identified the fact that there are twice as many 5s as there are 10s. They also recognised that the 10 times-table is double the 5 times-table.

The new topic in science this term is ‘Growth and Health’ which ties in nicely with our Life Skills topic of ‘Healthy Me’.  There was plenty of enthusiasm amongst the children, discussing what makes us the healthiest and happiest beings. We look forward to developing our understanding of this vital area of study, learning what we need to keep our body healthy and how to motivate ourselves to make healthy lifestyle choices.

In RE we have launched our half term study of Sikhism, looking at the Sikh core beliefs.

Finally, we discovered the identity of this week’s significant individual, Florence Nightingale, by examining some sources and images, hunting for clues to reveal her unique significance. The children learnt about the difference Florence Nightingale made during the Crimean War and the part she played to educate nurses and, ultimately, support the health of the nation. If you have chance to visit the Florence Nightingale museum, we would thoroughly recommend it:

Florence’s Timeline