Roald Dahl was also our significant individual in our history lesson this week.  We learnt some fascinating facts about his childhood, his life in a boarding school, his time as a pilot in the RAF and after that as a war time spy!  We are so excited to bring this learning to life when we head off to his museum in Great Missenden next week…

I think the highlight of the week was hearing every single member of Year 2 recite a poem of choice, off by heart, in the House Poetry Competition.  We were treated to a superb range of poems and performances, and we look forward to cheering on the four finalists when they compete in the Grand Final on Monday 18th March!

In mathematics this week the children worked on measurement. They worked on measuring the length and height of a variety of objects in centimetres and metres, using rulers and meter sticks.  They were able to compare and order objects using the language ‘longer than’, ‘shorter than’ and ‘taller than’.

In science, the children found out about stages in the human life. They used informational videos, photos and time-lapses to learn about it, learning how to name, sequence and compare the different stages.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and fingers crossed for some dry weather.