Unsurprisingly, there were a number of Roald Dahl characters in attendance on World Book Day in Year 2, as well as a number of other favourite characters, and the children loved taking part in the World Book Day quiz.  Year 2 rose to the challenge of leading their house teams in this fun activity.

Back in the classroom with a new book and author to study, Year 2 have loved joining “Bob, the Man on the Moon”, on his daily trip to outer space! The children read all about this innocent character, devised and brilliantly illustrated by Simon Bartram in his series of books. They sequenced the story (a day in the life of Bob) and imagined life on the moon.  Next week the children will design and describe an alien character, in preparation for writing a sequel to Man on the Moon.

In mathematics the children have been exploring mass by first of all comparing the mass of two or more objects. They were introduced to standard units of measure – grams and kilograms, but will be exploring this subject in more detail next week.

The significant individual of the week was Queen Victoria.  The children enjoyed investigating sources and clues to reveal her character, learning about the life and achievements of Britain’s longest reigning monarch until 2015 (the record now being held by Queen Elizabeth II).

It’s been a very hectic week so do enjoy a relaxing weekend and the children have promised to be on their best behaviour for mummy on Sunday!