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Making sense and raising awareness and understanding of our planet is at the centre of our Geography lessons. It is our expectation that pupils will build a growing understanding of the geography of our planet and the physical processes that shape it.

We strive to help them make sense of our world, from the places we live, and the geographical determiners for human settlement, to the physical processes that shape and change the planet. They will also understand the impact of human settlement and its influence on the physical landscape and climate.

We endeavour to produce efficient map readers, who can find their way as efficiently around an atlas or an ordnance survey map as they could with satellite navigation systems. Making use of excellent availability of visual aids and information, the pupils are encouraged to demonstrate their growing knowledge of a range of physical geographical processes through verbal explanation and the ability to produce accurate pictorial representations and diagrams.

Pupils’ experiences are enriched by regular day trips that help bring learning to life.