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Drama is the perfect tool for developing pupils’ self-confidence and sense of self-worth along with the capacity to express ideas and feelings.

Throughout both the Pre-Prep & Prep, pupils are given many opportunities to explore drama through our assembly programme and through School productions at the end of each term. Drama is used extensively across the KS1 and KS2 curricula, and dramatic methods can be used within many subjects to explore a variety of roles, topics, feelings and situations. In addition, specific aspects of all subjects can be explored using drama, such as character motivation, scenes and situations, roles, emotions, pivotal moments, debates, decisions and personal choices, and reactions or responses.

Like theatre, drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage.

Jude Kelly (Theatre Director)

Drama is taught as a separate curriculum subject for pupils in Years 3 to 6, where they learn and develop techniques and skills such as storytelling, mime, characterisation, vocal expression and improvisation.

Boys at the Prep school are very fortunate to have access to the fantastic facilities in the Hammond Theatre at Hampton School. Each of their performances take place here, which provides them with a wonderful opportunity to experience the workings of a professional theatre and crew