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Technology increasingly shapes the way children live, and influences the way they learn in an ever changing world. We ensure our pupils are equipped to excel in an increasingly technological world by developing skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and systematic thinking.

Computing is taught as a separate subject to all classes from Year 1 onwards. The Computing curriculum builds increasingly complex skills in our pupils – developed through a range of activities and projects – exploring topics such as programming, animation, coding, web-design and robotics whilst ensuring pupils also understand the fundamentals with regards to using technology.

All pupils have access to laptops and iPads which are used in classrooms; Computing lessons take pace in our new, state-of-the-art Engine Room which offers a flexible space for children to explore technology and computing.

At Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, safe internet use is taught as a priority from an early age. This is built into both the Computing and the Life Skills curriculum. The School also uses a touch typing resource called ‘Nessy Fingers’, which is a fun and exciting way for children to learn how to touch type.

Pupils are confident in their use of the school’s VLE and on leaving the School the pupils are well equipped to use technology to inform, enhance and complement their education.