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At Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, we believe a solid understanding of Mathematics is paramount for moulding the minds of the leaders of the future. We aim to inspire the development of investigative thinking within our young mathematicians and develop their confidence to ask their own questions, test their own hypotheses and explain their own solutions. We anchor our pupils’ learning of Mathematics by making use of a wide range of physical resources in lessons and focus on process and reasoning, as opposed to simply seeking ‘the answer’.

In the Pre-Prep, mathematical understanding is developed through stories, songs, rhymes, games and imaginative play. The children are encouraged to experiment with numbers through plenty of practical ‘hands-on’ activities to support their growing awareness of numbers and patterns in their environment. During these years, there is a focus on the fundamentals of number and numerical reasoning. The pupils are introduced to geometry, shape and space, data handing and measurements of mass, time and length.

In the Prep, all key concepts are revisited and expanded upon each year. In Year 5, pupils are introduced to algebra to support and extend their problem solving skills. In Year 6, the boys will be well prepared for their 11+ entrance exams by applying their understanding of the curriculum to a wide variety of examination-style problems.

In addition to the curriculum in class, all pupils in Years 3 and 4 take part in the First Mathematics Challenge and Year 5 and 6 are entered into the Primary Mathematics Challenge, national events where pupils have the opportunity to achieve a bronze, silver or gold medal. A team of mathematicians is also chosen to represent Hampton Prep in the Quiz Club National Maths Competition, as well as competitions hosted by local schools such as Hampton School and Epsom College.