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At Hampton Pre-Prep and Prep we believe that the teaching of Science is a vital part of every child’s education. It develops in children an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live along with building their confidence in their ability to enquire into its behaviour. An understanding of Science also plays a key role in pupils’ personal development by enabling them to use the concepts as part of their everyday lives. Science offers the keys to understanding the world around us.

Science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes. Our pupils are encouraged to be open-minded and to try and make sense of what they see and find out through practical investigation and fair testing.

The teaching of Science is based on the programmes of study of the National Curriculum. Across the year groups our pupils learn about a wide range of living things, materials and phenomena. They begin to make links between ideas and to explain things using models and theories. They apply their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas to familiar phenomena, everyday things and their own personal health.

We challenge our pupils to think about the positive and negative effects of scientific and technological developments on the environment and in other contexts. Pupils are given the opportunity to carry out systematic investigations. They talk about their work and its significance, and communicate ideas using a wide range of scientific language, conventional diagrams, charts and graphs.

Pupils have the opportunity to go on various trips including the Look Out Discovery Centre and The Science Museum. The School also runs science events and has enjoyed visits by the Planetarium Dome and the Mad Science Company.